about us

We Believe

It’s not enough to simply re-label all our social, economic and environmental challenges as opportunities; an opportunity still needs to be grasped just as a challenge needs to be met. Our approach goes beyond ‘calls to action’ and ‘awareness raising’.

We don’t just give you answers, we help you find your own answers. If you want us to, we’ll even help you ask a better class of question.

Once we’ve dug down to the root cause of the problems brought to us, we agree with you how best to apply facilitation, change management and skills transfer to the places and people who need it most.

Whether the solution is top down (interim executive management) or bottom up (faciltated workshops for all employees), we help everybody do it for themselves.

It’s a formula that works best when you’re wrestling with big subjects that refuse easy definitions – things like sustainability and the environment. Yet the results it can bring are the most profound, long-lasting and beneficial to both organisations and individuals.


Why do we do it?

The reason is simple; if you can make a living by making a difference, why wouldn’t you?

We’ve had our successes as our customer feedback shows. But track records, even one as good as ours, are all about yesterday. And it’s not about yesterday. It’s about what we and you do today that will continue to shape our common future.