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The book chapters, articles and think pieces below will give you a better feel for how we approach
sustainability issues and the environment. This page is updated regularly to include the latest material available.

Environmental Communications

This piece appeared in a Croner’s Environmental Policy and Procedures Special Report. Read all about the structure of the latest international environmental communications standard, ISO 14063
and the effect it will have on business all over the world. Find out why you’ll need to know more about it, whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a seasoned sustainability professional.

Sustainability, Environment and Professional Bodies

” What adds even more urgency to the debate about professionalism and its role in environmental discourse is a simple fact. Approaching sustainability from any other angle other than that of putting the environment first carries enormous risk. In essence, to do anything less than concentrate on the eco-systems that underpin our societies and our economies is to miss the point. The debate about sustainability and its definition is an irrelevant waste of valuable time. If we don’t find solutions to the problems presented by ecological sustainability, the problems of social or economic sustainability won’t need solutions. “ – From a Foreword by Christopher Sheldon for an issue of Greener Management International.

As the journal of the international environmental management community, this special issue is guest edited by Chris and offers critical perspectives on the emergence of an environmental sustainability profession.

The SIGMA Guidelines (SIGMA = Sustainability: Integrated Guidelines for Management).

Green Inck supplied the lead research in a core strand of this ground-breaking set of guidelines. Funded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry and supported by the partners Forum for the Future, AccountAbility and the British Standards Institution, the project and its output has been internationally acknowledged as extremely influential. Green Inck worked on the practical implementation of the Management Framework and associated toolkit, integrating all the other research carried out.